Project Update October 2023


Caledonia Library Expansion and Restoration Project Update

The Caledonia Library Association would like to provide an update to the community regarding our ongoing library expansion project. As most are aware, we have completed extensive work restoring the existing historical library building, and construction of much of the proposed expansion.

Throughout the last 50 years The Caledonia Library Association, through its many dedicated past and present board members, has worked toward a modern facility to address the needs of the community.  As trends in society, technology, education, economics, demographics, politics, and the environment continue to shape the world, the role of the community Library has expanded greatly. Recognizing the community’s needs, the various boards amassed $380,000 over many years through resident donations and fundraising toward a restoration and expansion project.

In 2017 the current Library Association Board made the unanimous decision to move forward with the project. An architectural firm was chosen, and their plan adopted and refined. It was apparent at that time that additional funding was necessary to complete the project. Board members began submitting grant proposals, while also campaigning for corporate donations and soliciting the community itself.  

A consulting firm did an assessment of the existing library building, a structure listed on both Federal and State historical registries. The survey revealed significant restoration work to be done. Throughout 2018 and into 2019 $225,000 was spent on renovations. All the work was necessary for both the continued safe use of the library by the community and because the historical library must remain a significant portion of the newly expanded facility.   

Our initial estimate for the total Restoration and Expansion Project was 1.8 million dollars. Our own research indicated we could accomplish the project for approximately $960,000. But in 2019 the world was changed by COVID.  The library board helplessly watched the cost of materials, and thus the entire expansion project, go up more than 30 percent. COVID caused delays in construction and increased our projected costs to 1.3 million dollars. We began with the library’s $380,000. We have been awarded four separate NYS Library Construction Grants totaling $744,287, with the largest of the four, $456,583, just awarded this October.  With those monies, plus our fundraising efforts and donations from the community, we will only need $200,000-$300,000 additional funds to complete the expansion project.  We anticipate completion in the spring of 2024. Additional funding is needed to meet that goal and any assistance is greatly appreciated. We’ve done the impossible, and our 50-year goal is now in sight! Please see the reverse side for more specific statistics on both the restoration of our historic library building and the new expansion project.

Restorations completed to the existing library

  • A new furnace, relocated to accommodate new construction
  • New electric and plumbing in the main room
  • New internet ports in the main room
  • Repointed and repaired all exterior stone walls (including on the roof), and basement interior stone walls
  • Abated all asbestos in the basement, ductwork, on the roof, and under floors
  • Removed and replaced the floors (five layers) in the main room and Children’s room
  • Insulated all floors with spray foam insulation
  • New carpet installed
  • Newly constructed custom step into the Children’s room
  • Asbestos abated in the vestibule and new walls and ceiling installed and painted
  • New trim installed
  • All windows were restored
  • Existing roof was removed, new rafters set to level, and a new roof installed
  • New roof gutters installed
  • The fireplace was converted to gas with ceramic inserts
  • The front of the library was professionally cleaned to remove stained areas
  • Emergency lighting was installed
  • A new septic system was installed
  • Both the existing bathroom and kitchenette were updated

Work completed on the expansion project

  • Site management
  • Excavation
  • Basement Installation
  • Frame and enclose addition
  • Install all roofing
  • Install windows
  • Install glass walls and rear glass entryway
  • Install concrete sidewalks and breezeways
  • Complete all siding and stonework
  • Insulate ceiling areas
  • Establish a new sod front lawn and repair lawn areas around existing